EVO9 with extensive spares package
Photo credit: Jason Byrne

EVO9 with extensive spares package

Best EVO 9 in the country now for sale.

New engine , 2.2 ltr stroker ,trick cams . Manly rods , cp Pistons .
Extractors (that’s why it sounds so cool).
New turbo last rally –  it’s a bigger one than standard.
Full sequential kapps gear box with shift cut brand new 3 years ago, rebuilt 2 rallies ago (E and H sell the box and parts)
Ralliart super traction diffs.
2 x diff computers motec and (kapps 5k) .
Seam welded
New fire extinguishers,
Carbon doors and door cards
Lexan Windows Ralliart.
Ap rotor and brakes , spare set of pads f/r .
Custom made r5 subframes.
Motec display.
Riegar struts re-valved to latest specs rcd, and other fancy stuff I can’t remember lol .
Special springs that are the bomb.
All Ralliart bushes throughout.
Pedal box and bias valve
Hydraulic handbrake
Heated windscreen
Extra fuel tank 80ltrs total.
Braided fuel ,brake ,diff pump lines.
Special engine mounts that lower the engine slightly plus they are stiffer.
Modified oil cooler and diff pump inside car.
Fibre glass guards and rear boot lid.

Plenty of spares including
rear diff, arms , axles,
turbo parts,
12 rims.
Spare doors – full glass.
Wheel alignment paddles.
Spare wing Evo 9.
Light pod (5k just for lights piaa )
Spare diff pump.

It’s a very cool car and it’s easy to drive.


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