More prizes added for this years NZRC Fantasy Rally League

2015 NZRC Fantasy Rally League now open

I’m pleased to say the 2015 NZRC Fantasy Rally League is now open.

New this year:
Prizes – Thanks heaps to Simon Bell and Blair Read from the New Zealand Rally Championship, who have provided a selection of rally related prizes (see below)
Each Category is included
Double your points for one round (you decide when to play this)

How to join in
This year the Fantasy League will feature each class that has entrants. Unfortunately this means each Class (or Category) will be run as a separate rally.

You will need to be registered to my website to take part. This is to stop false entries and predictions which will mess with everyone’s score. Registration just requires a unique username (can be anything you want) along with an email address. Once registered you will receive an email letting you know when there’s something new on the site along with your predictions and prediction reminders. I will never pass on any email addresses to anyone else.

Playing and Scoring
Visit the “Enter Your Prediction” page for each Category. Here you will be able to select each NZRC Rally this year and then pick your top three for each round. You can enter for every round right away if you’re confident, but I would advise you wait to see the entry list as there may a driver who for some reason doesn’t make a round.

You are able to change your selection at any time up to the close of entry, which will usually be 22:00 the night before the rally, with the exception of Whangarei which will be as late as 17:00 on the day of the rally as it’s starting with a couple of night stages.

Only drivers signed up to the NZRC will be able to be selected (a list of names are supplied to me by NZRC).

Pick your top 3 drivers for each class and predict which order they will finish in.

You can select and change your selection up to the follow times:

Rally Whangarei 17:00 on Friday 17th April 2015
Otago Rally 22:00 on Friday 8th May 2015
Canterbury Rally 22:00 on Friday 29th May 2015
Rally Gisborne 22:00 on Friday 26th June 2015
Rally Coromandel 22:00 on Friday 21st August 2015
Rally Wairarapa 22:00 on Friday 2nd October 2015
If any rally dates / times are changed I will change these accordingly.

You will receive 15 points for each driver in the place you predicted. 10 points if they are 1 place off prediction and 5 points if they are 2 off your predicted placing.

If you manage to predict all 3 in the correct order you will receive an additional 3 points and if you manage 2 out of the 3 you will get a 2 point bonus.

Double points for one round – you are able to select one round in the season which will double your score for that round. Use it wisely.

Results will be taken from and posted as soon as possible following an event.



The New Zealand Rally Championship has very kindly supplied rally related prizes this year. There will be a prize for the winner of each category at the end of the season, plus a prize for the person who scores the most points across every category through the season, so it pays to enter a prediction in each category for every round.


Overall Winner Scored most points across all categories at the end of the season
Category Winner Scored most points in a category at the end of the season
Random Spot Prizes These are totally random, and can be for just entering a round or re-posting my posts about it on Facebook

Some of the cool prizes on offer this year
Some of the cool prizes on offer this year

If you have any questions / issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via email

Have fun


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