50th Anniversary Rally Tours

Newsletter No-5

April 2016

Greetings Tourists

Hayden Paddon’s barnstorming run at Rally Otago has left us all buzzing and sees a renewed public interest in our beloved sport.

It’s also got our juices flowing again so we felt the time was ripe for another update – especially now that we’re less than 12 months away from our first instalment in the North Island!

(troops – if the calendar stays the same next year, presumably this means we will run the South Island leg first to coincide with Otago. Or was this just a one-off for 2016?)

Speaking of our premier gravel sportsman, Hayden is very keen to be involved with the 50th Anniversary Tour. We certainly welcome his interest and will confirm details with him at APRC Rally of Whangarei. If nothing else, it provides a legitimate reason to head up north for the weekend to get pelted with stones.

Entry fees

We simplified the fee structure at our last meeting but the numbers remain essentially the same:-

$1,000 (incl GST) per 4-seater car/SUV etc per Island for the whole 6 days
$2,000 (incl GST) for 4+ seats (eg van) per Island for the whole 6 days

For those who want to cherry-pick individual days, we offer:

$200 (incl GST) per 4-seater per day, or
$400 (Incl GST) per larger van per day.

Some of you have already taken up the easy-payment option too, spreading the costs at $250 per payment. We thank you for that – it’s helping cover our plotting costs in the build-up to the events.

And don’t forget – if Lotto or a maiden Aunt has been kind to you – we’re offering a 10 % Early Bird Discount for payment in full if received before: 30th June 2016


We’ve had some general enquiries so we thought we’d share them for everyone’s edification.

Are you organising accommodation?
No – we’ll suggest some appropriate motels etc at each overnight stop but the choice will remain with the entrants. Our intention is to base the organising team at a hotel or similar close to where the overnight get-togethers will occur.

Will we traverse the stages at Millen pace or Coker pace?
This is possibly an unfair slur on John’s rallying career but – the customer is always right. Our intention is to ‘seed’ the tourists into groups. This means those who wish to make an energetic (but legal) pass through the stages can do so largely unencumbered by those who may want to make a more leisurely passage.

The former stages will only be open for set windows, to allow us to shepherd any stragglers. And there will always be the option to skip stages at the entrant’s discretion.

Will we need a service crew?
No – we’ll never be too far from gas stations and modern vehicles are more reliable than the cars we all started our competition careers in. And if you decide to depart the road in the middle of the Motu, please try to do so no further than the length of the tow rope in Tail End Charlie.

Do you have any famous confirmed entrants?
They say fame is fleeting, but infamy appears to be alive and well amongst our early entrants. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with Neil Johns, Mark Parsons, Brian Stokes, Ray Stone, the inimitable Robbo, Jim Richards, Crunch Bennett and what about the Pesters, the Camerons, the Gandys? and don’t forget your committee……….Imagine the stories…



And don’t forget to log on to our Facebook page – ‘NZ Rallying’s 50th Anniversary Tours’. At last check, there were 466 members – all keen for 2017 to come around.

Because (remember this) – as far as honouring the first 50 years of our fabulous sport, we’re the only game in town…

Rod Peat – Chairman
Committee – Rob Scott, Jill Greenland, Dennis Green, Paul Smith, Murray O’Donnell, John Coker & Anita Greenland.

Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/groups/1666869410260027/
email us at nzrally50@gmail.com – or contact us c/- PO Box 344, Pukekohe 2340, New Zealand.

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