A little bit dusty!

Thames Valley Car Club Event – Pukewera Road, Waihi – Sunday 10 March 2013

A little bit dusty…

The dust just got worse and worse
The dust just got worse and worse

Actually it was unbelievably dusty!!  I think I will be cleaning dust out of my equipment for weeks to come!  We arrived early to be able to check out good vantage points etc.  Even at this time in the morning the sun was out and already beating down on us relentlessly – there was very little shade, and I had forgotten to pack the gazebo, much to Dee’s disgust!

As the day wore on, the heat got up around 28° and the dust just got worse and worse.  Right at the last minute I shoved a camcorder in Dee’s hands and said thats the record button and left her to it!  A bit unfair, but I thought it would be good to get some footage.  Dylan also had a small camcorder out in the stage, so we should have some footage to post in a day or two.

I’m going to hand over to Dee now, who has been dragged to a few events over the last year or so, and thought it might be interesting to hear it from her perspective!

Over to Dee….

This article is dedicated to the many “rally widows” that trudge along to each and every event, kids and chilly bins in tow, that their beloveds enter to cheer them on.  Some beloveds appreciate it, some just expect it.  Either way, we will always be the “boss” because without us, our beloveds wouldn’t be able to do what they do!

Although Jase didn’t enter this event, the kids (3 of the little dears) and I followed along with him on Sunday to support him with his photography.  Now luckily for me, the two eldest ones – Dylan and Jake, had taken a video camera and normal camera to record the day, so they pretty much left me alone and got on with what they were doing.

Ashlee on the other hand is a different story.  For a start, she’s a 7-year-old girl, and for another, rallying doesn’t interest her at all!  This made for a very, VERY long day in the dust and heat that greeted us at the pits in Pukewera Road.

I’m sure that a lot of you “rally widows” can relate to my plight.  Mind you, also being a 7-year-old girl meant that the portaloo was a real hit and I’m sure that when that boredom really set in, it was comical to see her toddle off to the toilets “to adjust her belt.”

Anyway, enough ranting and raving.  Here’s my take on the Hill Climb event.  I hope you enjoy it.

Firstly, thank you to Michele Brunt and the rest of the team at the Thames Valley Car Club for putting on a spectacular show yesterday at the Pukewera Road Hill Climb.

Michelle is a machine and did so much in the sweltering heat and dust in that little piddly caravan.  There was no air conditioning which didn’t help but I did notice the huge bowl of muffins on the bench courtesy of the Jones family!

Feathers using every inch of the road
Feathers using every inch of the road

Jase left me and Ashlee by the caravan for the day – the WHOLE day, and  managed to get quite a few awesome photos of the competing drivers which is fantastic.  He’s putting a few on the web page but the majority will be on the Facebook page for you to enjoy.

The dust was a real nuisance and played havoc with everything and everyone.  His camera was brown by the time he’d finished.  One guy had the right idea though – he had brought a blower to the event and cleaned his engine bay up great in the afternoon!

Luckily there was a bit of wind that managed to blow the dust away between each run which was at two minute intervals.

There were a couple of stops during the day – one guy crashed into a bank and required a tow, another  broke his gearbox or something-or-rather, and an ambulance had to gain entry into the stage for one of the residents.

This of course made the day drag.

However, the entertainment kept coming with outstanding performances  by both Anthony (Tom) Jones and Don Brunt in their Mark II Escorts.

Now Jase will be the first to tell you that I’m not a Ford fan.  I’m a Holden chick through and through.  And although it gives me great pain to admit this, I would like to thank Jonesy and Brunty for having so much fun in their Fords.  They really were awesome!








The way they threw their cars into each of the corners was fantastic and the amount of stones that were thrown in the air was outstanding!  The dust made it even more spectacular!

Well done to each and every one of the competitors who gave it their all yesterday.  It’s always fun watching you throwing your cars around – even while telling a 7-year-old that this isn’t boring and “no, you can’t have anything else to eat!”


Thanks Dee for putting some words together, and thanks for putting up with me and the sport!

As many of you will know by now I’m an Escort fan, and always enjoy watching / taking photos of them.  I was treated to an awesome display from the Escorts this time round, in particular Jonesy and Brunty were outstanding to watch!  Another stand out driver for me, was David Wright in his Nissan Pulsar – Wow what a noise this car makes!  You can hear David coming a long time before you can see him, and when he did appear, he was always totally committed and on it!  He was bloody good to watch!

Phil Campbell turned up in his newly built Ford Fiesta which looks fantastic and was on the pace in no time at all.  After the best part of a year out of competition, it must have felt good to be racing again.

I really enjoyed my day, but unfortunately had to leave before the event finished due to our 7yr old daughter who is far more interested in fairies and princesses than rally cars!

I would also like to thank Michele and her team from Thames Valley car Club for putting the event on – I had a great day out.






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