About Me

My name is Jason Byrne and here is a little about me and why I did this website.

Originally from the UK, I moved to NZ in 2005.  I love living here in the Bay of Plenty with my wife and kids.

I got into local motorsport quite by chance following a mid-life crisis in 2010! Full story here.

After doing a couple of events, I was keen to have somewhere to show family and friends what I’d been up to and figured a website would be a good way of doing it.

After chatting to Danny and a couple of others, it soon became clear other people would like the same, but didn’t know how to do a website.  I’m no expert, but figured I could put something together and make a start.

Initially, I thought people from our local club (Motorsport BOP) would get involved, but the website is by no means limited to people from the Bay of Plenty – it’s for all fans of rallying no matter where you’re from!

I want this website to be a place for drivers and enthusiasts to come and be able to share stories, photos and videos.  Who knows?  It may even be able to help and encourage people to have a go themselves!

I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to make any comments on the site or e-mail me with any videos or photos you would like to share with others.



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