An update from Hayden Paddon

Everything is going well here in Spain in preparation for the start of the rally tomorrow night.

The last two days of recce have gone well and our pace notes are working well. With the increased speed of a WRC car we did contemplate having to re-write our pace notes pre event, but after our test on Monday we have decided to keep developing our previous notes, which are now very good.

Today we have a few media activities and the shakedown stage this afternoon. Although, the shakedown stage consisted of one round-about, and four chicanes – very unpresentable of the rally. It was however good just to get some more time behind the wheel and continue the learning process of the new car. We were 10th fastest on the stage which was not bad, with less than 3 seconds separating the top 10.

Now we have a long wait for the start of the rally which officially starts tomorrow from Barcelona at 6pm. We then have 3 night stages before finishing back at service park at midnight. I am really looking forward to get started and am feeling good in the car. However, it will be a matter of easing our way into it on Friday night stages, in readiness for more of a push on the Saturday daylight stages.

We are also both feeling relaxed and prepared – so lets get the show on the road!

You can see some small action video of us today at shakedown at the following link:

For our Kiwi fans, please see below for Sky TV broadcast times for daily highlights. You can also stay up to date with us at, and

WRC Preview
23 Oct – Sport 4 – 21:00
24 Oct – Sport 1 – 9:00
24 Oct – Sport 2 – 17:30

Day 1/2
27 Oct – Sport 4 – 16:00
28 Oct – Sport 4 – 5:00

Day 3
28 Oct – Sport 4 – 15:30 & 21:30
28 Oct – Sport 3 – 22:30
29 Oct – Sport 1 – 10:30

WRC Review
29 Oct – Sport 1 – 18:30



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