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This site is funded by the photos I can sell after events. To help this site keep running, and to own some cool photos, you can buy photo CD’s and / or Photographic prints from me.  The photos shown in the gallery after an event are just a few, there will be many more that I don’t have space to show here on the site.

Photo CD’s : I will include every photo I take of you at an event. This will be around 20+ images but often a lot more (70+). Depends on the event and how many times I see you. If we have video camera filming the event we will also include your footage onto the cd.

I really appreciate your support as the sales of these CD’s are what fund this site and keep it running. Without CD sales this site would no longer be able to keep running.




  1. Good Morning

    I was wondering if you are able to send me the picture in the link below.

    It is my partners birthday this weekend, and i was hoping to get it blown up on a canvas. I am happy to pay a fee to get it.

    If you were able to send it to me, a compressed file would be great.

    Kind Regards

    Georgina de Jong

  2. HI I would like to purchase prints of 2015 Hawkes Bay rally of my car no33. The ones I like are 46/164 90/164 and 91/164. I would like about A5 size if possible. Let us know how to proceed thanks Neil.

  3. As discussed by phone Jase keen to get photos from 2018 Bothwell rallysprint and even the Arcadia Road round if you have them.

    Cheers Colin

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