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Ben Thomasen
Subarua Imprezza 2005 Type 9
Engine: EJ20 2ltr Turbo DOHC 4 Cylinder Boxer
BHP : 300 at wheels
Gearbox : Modena 5 speed dog box
Suspension : Proflex adjustibles
Wheels : 15″ speedline with medium compound rally tyres
Other mods : Motec engine managment, Motec diff computer, 36mm restrictor, 3 inch exhaust, anti lag and launch control

Ben Thomasen










Shane Wright
R32 Skyline GTS Coupe Non-turbo Rear wheel drive
Engine: RB20DE Non-turbo
Decked block
Machined standard pistions (to further raise compression)
Independent (6) throttle body custom intake
Ported head, big cams, custom adjustable cam gears
Link G4 ECU, custom crank & cam angle sensors
8,600rpm cut out (spends it’s life right on it!)
Jasma extractors, 2.5in exhaust
BHP : “Dunno – not enough!”
Driveline: Toda flywheel
Six puck clutch
GTS-t Skyline gearbox
Nissan Serena 4.9:1 Viscus LSD
Brakes: Front R33 two pot,  Rear R32 GTS-t two pot, Willwood Brake bias adjustment
Wheels/Tyres: Gravel – 15×6.5 OZ Wheels Hancook tyres Tarseal – 17×8 WOK Meals (WORK Meister replicas) Toyo R888
Exterior: Widened 30mm to allow wider wheel track.
Fibreglass GTR front guards
Fibreglass Luxury Sports rear guards
Lexan side windows

Shane Wright










Dave Holder
Toyota Levin
Engine Type – 4age Black top 20v
BHP at wheels – all 127bhp ponies
Gearbox type – TRD Gear kit,
TRD  lsd, OS Giken clutch, TRD short shift kit
Suspension – 40mm Bilstien coilover (out of a subaru GTB), re-valved for rallying
Wheel size and tyres currently used – Dunlop Direzza 87R – 185/65 R15…awesome tyre don’t use anything else, these things work to the bone!
Special Mods – Has a fibre glass bonnet but other than that nothing special..just an easy car too drivel…got a cross on the bonnet that keeps me out of trouble and on 4 wheels 🙂

Dave Holder










Mike Goldsbury
1981 DX Corolla
Engine Type : 4AGE 20V Silvertop with Link V5 ECU.
BHP : 133 at rear wheels.
Gearbox type : T50, close ratio gear kit.
Diff : AE86 LSD.
Suspension :
Front. Bilstien shocks with Dobie springs, all too hard as was set up for tarmac.
Rear. KYB shocks, standard DX springs.
Brakes : Front. Standard DX, Rear. Standard AE86.
Wheels : 13 inch wheels with whatever cheap tyres I can find! Currently using Silverstone front and Kumho rear.
Others Mods : Lexan side and rear windows, custom side skirts, custom front bumper.
This is just a good cheap little car, it will never win the WRC but is bloody good fun!

Well said Mike – this is what it’s all about for me – Cheers Jase

Mike Goldsbury










Mitch James
1984 Toyota Starlet RWD
Engine : Mx5 1600 Turbo engine with TD04 Turbo
Custom Exhaust manifold and VR4 injectors
Link g4 computer
Launch control
BHP: 187hp at the rear wheel at 10psi
Gearbox : Mx5 5 speed
Suspension : Bilstien Adjustable suspension
Brakes : Cressida front brakes/ Ae86 Rear
Diff : Hilux diff with Rae Emerson motorsport LSD
15” wheels
TRD flares and rear spoiler

Mitch James

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