Rally News

Silver Fern SS8

As some of may have read in an earlier post Dee and I were to marshal for the Silver Fern Rally in SS8 – Galaxy Road. I was pretty excited to be involved with such a great event. I couldn’t wait to see and hear all those BDA Escorts, so we arrived early, which allowed us plenty of time to …

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Silver Fern Rally 2012

The next event we’ll be covering will be the Silver Fern. We’re very lucky this year as it’s running through Tauranga on Sunday November 11th. Being someone with a little bit of a Ford Escort problem, I’m pretty excited to see 20+ Escorts in the line up. It’s also great to see a friend of mine (Andrew Shrimpton) entered in the …

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Motorsport BOP – Old Coach Rd

Yesterday was Motorsport BOP’s event at Old Coach Road. This was a bent sprint where competitors would race down a closed road to a turnaround point, and race back to the start / finish line. Dylan and I arrived at the event a little on the early side, but were surprised to find we were the only ones there at …

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New Style Website

Jase and Jase in the Escort

Although A Little Bit Sideways is still very new, I’ve decided the traditional website wasn’t able to do what I was hoping.  I’ve decided to make the switch to a blog style website, which I’m hoping will be easier to maintain, and therefore updated more regularly.I will probably write some posts retrospectively to cover the events that have already happened …

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