Changes ahead for Targa

Changes ahead for Targa

Hi Everyone,

Well, as we close in on the end of 2019 and reflect on the last 25 years of Targa NZ there sure are a number of standout moments but one thing is sure, we have to keep evolving to ensure the event has another 25 years to create many more.

There are a few small changes and some major ones as well that will come into effect from 2020. The most important is the introduction of Stage Safety Notes. These will be in the form of a simplified version of the Gemba System along with pre-event video of the stages to allow for a better understanding of how the instructions relate to the roads you are about to drive. Please note no physical reconnaissance of roads will be tolerated. While the fossils might not like this move, the good news is that we will have recognition for those who compete with just the use of the road book.

Whatever you think about this move, the reality is that as more requirements are placed on event management and more external investigation is likely, we have to be able to justify everything we do in order to minimise the risk to all involved. Ah, it is the PC world we now live in.
Another benefit of providing Stage Safety Notes, is the increased interest from International participants, so it will be very interesting watching if they actually come! Only time will tell.

With this in the forefront of our minds the time has come for the introduction of Winged Seats. There has been huge development in this area and as we have highly recommended the use of these for the last 5 years.  From 2020 any new to Targa Vehicle will be required to have them. If you haven’t already up graded your seats then now is the time to do so. We understand that some vehicles may not be able to install them so if you feel that you are in this group, please email the Targa Office for dispensation to be considered.

We have also reviewed the cut-off period for the Classic 2WD Competition and moved this to the end of 1990, first year of production of the model, along with allowing factory production forced induction engine vehicles in, meaning that we will see a small number of the current competitors moving back into the Classic Competition. If you are not sure then again please contact the office and we will confirm the category for you.

The vehicle weights have also been reviewed and we have finally decided to move away from the production based weight and move to a more conventional capacity to weight formula as follows, regardless of make and model.

These are the MINIMUM Race Weights including the crew, i.e. you cannot be lighter but you can be heavier. Standard multipliers remain, i.e Turbo 1.7 x cc, Rotary 1.8 x cc

Cubic Capacity         Minimum Race Weight

0-1299cc               900kg

1300-1999cc        1050kg

2000-2999cc        1250kg

3000-3999cc        1450kg

4000-above        1550kg


Now you have a clear understanding of what the minimum weight your vehicle must be based on the engine size. Simple volumetric tests can be performed to establish your engine size, so don’t try to swindle us.

That’s enough for now. A full break down of these will be on the new Terms & Conditions on the Entry Form.  Expressions of Interest for all 2020 events will be open nest week.
We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.
Bring it on!

From Peter Martin
Ultimate Rally Group

2020 DATES

Targa Bambina
7th-8th March 2020 – based out of Hamilton

Targa Hawkes Bay
16th-17th May 2020 – based out of Havelock North

Targa NZ 2020
14th-18th October 2020 – route to be confirmed


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