Clinton Cunningham Rallysport is excited to announce new co-driver

Clinton Cunningham Rallysport is excited to introduce Glenn Goldring as the new co-driver to the team – a lot of people have asked what Greg is up this year so check out the press release below.

2015 will see a new co-driver in the hot seat for the Clinton Cunningham Rallysport team so we caught up with the team’s out-going co-driver Greg Ruka about his decision to take a step back and plans moving forward..

Q: First of all Greg, what are you off to do and how could it possibly beat rallying?
A: I always considered myself as a driver and I only jumped into the passenger seat to give Clint a hand, his original co-driver let him down a few times so I jumped in and I ended up staying there for a few years. As I said, I always considered myself a driver but then I ended up enjoying co-driving. I was looking at building a car for myself but the money side of it was a bit too much for two cars to come out of the one kitty. This year my focus has changed a bit, I want to get into my fitness and spend time with my family. My whole life has turned round, I used to be smoking and drinking and now I’ve gone Christian and I go to church now, so a lot has changed now. Plus with the business and both going away made it hard for the business with both of us out of the loop. So there are a few things.

Q: As you say, you’ve been big on your fitness. Will we see you carrying on with the crossfit?
A: Yeah, absolutely. I have a long term goal when I turn 40 to compete in the Cross Fit games over in America, so that’s my goal and I’m just trying to get there. That’s four years away but I’m determined to try and hit that..

Q: Has there been one highlight of your time in the team that has really stood out?
A: Not really, to be quite honest with you every rally was a highlight to me. Every time I got with the team because we had a really good team, and meeting the people of the sport, they’re all good people. Just getting out there and doing it plus as I said we always had a good team and that meant a lot to me.

Q: Will we still see you around on events? Is this permanent or more a reduction in commitment?
A: It’s more a reduction really, Clint’s asked me if I can fill in from time to time if necessary. It’s not stepping away completely. There will definitely be times where if he (Clint) asks to be in the seat, I’ll be there. It’s all been good, I’ve met some very good people and seen the sport from a totally different side to watching it on TV.

Q: You’re as much in the know as anyone, how do you see this season going for the team with the new car?
A: I know Clint will give it 110% – he doesn’t lack commitment. Being left hand drive, it might take him a bit to get used to it but I know that he’ll give it his all.

Rumour on the street suggests that later in the season, Greg may make a return in a different capacity, so keep an eye of the Clinton Cunningham Rallysport facebook page to see what could be in store.

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