Cox Breaks 17 year old Record
Photo credit: Geoff Ridder

Cox Breaks 17 year old Record

The Ashley Forest Rallysprint held last weekend was an amazing weekend for Sloan Cox who campaigned the Cox Motorsport Hillclimb Beast to record breaking runs over the weekend.

After finishing Saturday’s four qualifying runs with the quickest time, Cox went into the first run on Sunday and fifth qualifying run just taking it easy and getting back into the groove. However this run was to set the tone for the day with Cox being able to achieve what many were starting to think was the impossible, breaking the late Kim Austin’s 1999 rallysprint record of 56.57sec by posting a time of 56.19sec.

Throughout the rest of the day Cox went on to beat the record another two times setting times of 55.82sec and a final record of 55.23sec, with a highlight of the day being the only competitor to beat the 1999 track record.

The pace Cox was setting allowed him to qualify right through to the top two shootout. Unfortunately during this run Cox’s amazing day was to end when the rear differential broke on the start line, resulting in competitor Matt Summerfield winning the overall event and Cox getting second.

“It was an amazing surprise to beat the record on the first run on Sunday. It was something I was going to push for later in the day and I couldn’t believe it happened so early on. I was a bit disappointed though to not get the win after such a great day, but that’s how motorsport goes. We will just have to come back next year stronger,” states Cox.

Cox Motorsport have finished their 2016 season on a high note but have no time to rest in repairing The Hillclimb Beast for next year’s Leadfoot Festival, where Cox finished third this year. They also have a lot of work ahead of them preparing a package to give Cox his best shot of winning the 2017 New Zealand Rally Championship, where he finished second this season. Any sponsorship assistance whatsoever to help Cox achieve this would be greatly appreciated.


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