Crosscars Find New Home in New Zealand
Ollie Ward: Photo credit Jason Byrne

Crosscars Find New Home in New Zealand

Having established a strong presence in the New Zealand motorsport scene, the distribution and sales of Crosscars has been sold. Previously run by Paddon Rallysport, they now have a new home with father/son duo Jeff and Ollie Ward. The Wards will now manage the commercial side of Semog Crosscars in New Zealand and Australia from their Waikanae, Wellington base.

Paddon commenting, “with our other motorsport projects, I’m not able to put the time into the commercial side of Crosscars to help them grow at a faster rate. I am proud of what we have achieved with Crosscars already and firmly believe in their place in New Zealand motorsport. It’s a great way to foster young drivers, a lot of fun for all experience levels, something unique for the sport and most importantly, reduces the running costs. For all those reasons, I will continue to help and promote them”

For new owners, Jeff and Ollie Ward, they are looking forward to taking the platform to the next level domestically. Having both competed with Crosscars frequently in the past year.

“We are really passionate about the Crosscars, I think there are some exciting times ahead and we are spoiled in New Zealand with the roads and events we currently have. There are all sorts of conversations now with Motorsport New Zealand and car clubs about events such as rallycross.” Commented Jeff Ward

Adding, “I have had lots of different club cars, rally cars and motorbikes since I was fifteen, and I do think the Crosscar is one the safest, cheapest to run, most competitive and certainly most exhilarating vehicles I have driven.”

The official changeover will take place on October 1st, 2021. Plans are already in place to order 8 new Crosscars from the Semog factory in Portugal. Any enquiries can be directed to

The New Zealand Crosscar Championship is due to begin in November as part of the New Zealand Hillclimb Championships.

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