Dave and jase do WRC
Photo credit: Jason Byrne

Dave and Jase do WRC

Dave and Jase would love for you to get on board for the ride, so help them by heading over to www.pledgeme.co.nz/5527 and pledging your support for the journey!

For every amount pledged you’ll receive some fantastic rewards to give you even more of the warm fuzzy feelings.

And if they don’t hit their target by the deadline (they are confident they will!) you don’t pay anything/ and they don’t receive anything…..so a win win for your offer of support…..it’s all or nothing

Dave and Jase would like to say a big thanks to Volt TV Productions for their help putting this together for your viewing pleasure.
#sticktodriving #imnoactor #godstheman

Check out the video to see the crazy adventure they’ve been on so far in the WRC!

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