Fiesta S2000 for sale
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Ford Fiesta S2000

Manufactured to FIA Regulations 2000R
FIA Homoglation #61 – 00322
MSNZ Log Book #16533
Roll Cage Homoglation # NZ 7801
LSTA Registration #2000R

Car Specifications:
2.0Ltr Ford Duratech
Cast Alloy Sump
Cosworth Crank
Arrow Rods – JE Pistons
Motec ECU
Carbon Inlet Manifold

SADEV 6 Speed Sequintal
Flat Shift Up Change
Load Cell on Gearlever
Remote oil cooler

Oil Pump + Cooler
Hydraulic Drive Release

4 Piston Brembo Caliper
300mm Coleman Rotors
TITON Floor Mounted Pedal Box
Pressure Display on Dash

Chrome Moly Extensive Cage
Chrome Moly Seat Tubes
RACETECH Seat Willian Belts
Monit TC 100 Trip Meter
Carbon Roof Vents
Kelvar Under Body
Carbon Fiber Co-Driver Foot Rest
Flocked Dash
Welded Jack Point

Drummond 5 way Adjustable
Triple Poistion Sway Bars
Compression Struts
Minebea Rod Ends

16 X 15” Braid Rims

Fuel Tank:
75 Ltr A.T.L. Fuel Cell
Dry Brake Refuel Couplers

Air Grade Multi Plugs & Loom
Motec Dash to Laptop Pluglead
Motec Dash Display

Spare Part Package:
Along with the car itself, the buyer will also recivce an extenisve
package of spare parts, including those needed to reurn the car to it
original, homoglated Super 2000 state. This package includes:
3x New Coleman Rotors R/H
3x New Coleman Rotors L/H
4x Disc Pad Set ‘Gaffer’
1x Car Set Alcon Rotors (Used)
2x New Disc Bells
4x Used Disc Bells
4x Brembo Overhaul Caliper Kit
1x Headlight Car Set (Used)
1x Tail Light Car Set (Used)
1x Kelvar/Fiberglass Front Bumper Skin (New)
1x Pair Front Guards (Used)
1x Rear Hatch (Used)
1x Bonnet with Vent Cut Out (Used)
6x Sway Bars Assorted Sizes
6x Axels C/W Outer CV’S & Inner SADEV Pots
2x Axels C/W Outer CV’S
8x New CV Complete Kits
1x Used Carbon Fiber Rear Wing
1x Used Radiator
1x Used Radiator Top Duct
1x Used Radiator to Bumber Duct
1x Refuel Pump with Couplers
1x Heated Front Screen
1x R/H Door (Shell Only)
1x L/H Door (Shell Only)
1x R/H Outer Sill Skin
1x L/H Outer Sill Skin
4x Sill Car Stands

Addtional Notes:
As MSNZ National Championship no longer require homoglated vehicles to compete several sensible upgrades have been made beyond the S2000 rules:
– The bonnet & rear hatch are now fiberglass.
– All parts required to revert to S2000 are supplied within the spares package. (outlined on page 7)
– Complete set of C.A.D. Drawings for manufacture of components
– Motec E.C.U. Addtional Software allowing for :
– Tuning to 2000R Regulations
-Launch control + Traction Control

Contact Andrew Keighley for further details: 021994545 or