Give a little for Barbie who gave a lot!

Give a little for Barbie who gave a lot!

Give a little for Barbie who gave a lot!During Rally NZ this year, we had the pleasure of meeting Jessica Jones (daughter of Kingsley and Waverley Jones). Whilst walking around looking for the perfect spot to spectate from, Jessica (aka “ Barbie” to her cheer leading squad) mentioned to me she was cutting all her hair off for charity.

At nine years old this seemed an incredible thing to do – such a selfless act. When she took down her hair to show me, I was taken aback by just how long her hair was. It was certainly clear that Barbie had been growing it for several years!

By the time we arrived back to the cars to catch up with everyone else, Jessica announced that Dee had a “number 1 cut like Dad” At this point Dee held up her scarf to show Barbie that she didn’t have any hair at all due to chemotherapy treatment for Breast Cancer.

Dee and I then found out that Barbie was donating her hair to The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation so wigs can be made for people like Dee who are going through treatment.
We were so taken by this we felt Barbie needed to have some space in Edition #4 of our magazine and some space here on the website to let the rally community, of which her family are heavily involved with, know about her Give A Little Page so you can help Barbie raise as much money as possible.

To donate, please visit the following webpage:

Donate via Givealittle

Jessica is not only donating her hair, but also the fee that Freedom Wigs will be giving her for the hair.

She humbly asks for any donations great or small.

Thank you Jessica – YOU ROCK!



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