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Hunt Motorsport Pre Rally Coromandel 2015

Here we are the fifth round of the New Zealand Rally Championship, this is the last chance to score points to build onto our total tally that we take to the final round. We currently have accumulated 126 points. The points structure for the Championship is defiantly not the easiest to follow. As a quick explanation, You must drop a rounds worth of points after 5 events have been completed, it’s not pre nominated you drop the worst points you have earnt and keep the remaining best 4 scores.  We have had a very good start to the season and up to this point we have been able to bank a very good set of points.

We head to the Gold Rush Coromandel Rally this weekend looking to add to our tally. First place in the rally and a win in the power stage earns you 30 points. This would add 6 extra points to our

Photo credit: Chris Smith
Photo credit: Chris Smith

tally taking us up to 132. Confused yet?  Once you put all the Math’s aside our goal for the weekend is to drive hard and safe down the middle of the road and take away with us the best result possible.

Last year we set good stage times on the fast roads in the Coromandel region and I’m looking forward to being back on the fantastic roads that the Coromandel area offers, these special stages have a bit of everything from fast flowing to tight technical and has mainly public roads with a few forestry stages.

We had a good run for most of the event last year until we punctured on a hidden rock late in the day so I’ll need to concentrate hard on Recce to make sure I pick up on anything on the road side that could cause time loss.  We travel down to Whitianga on Thursday afternoon being so close to Auckland it’s a nice easy build up to the event and not big mileage for myself but crew are coming from all around NZ.

I have managed to drive the car for the first time in my career ever between events, At a Day/Night Rally Sprint held by the Hibiscus Coast Car Club. It was good to go out on a set Dunlop Tyres and drive a couple of blind runs up the road before putting the Winger/Total/Gull Subaru back on the trailer confirming everything was all up to scratch and running right. I would have loved to do the Night stages but time didn’t allow. I must say I really enjoyed meeting the guys from the club and we had a fantastic time and managed to take Dan Kane from E&H Motors for the few runs we did.

The weather forecast is looking like a bit of rain midweek with a clear weekend, this is always good the rain gets into the base reducing the chances of dust. During Recee I’ll make a decision on where to run. I do enjoy running first on the road making my own lines and picking my own braking points.

Hopefully we will see a big number of spectators like last year which always adds an extra buzz and makes for a fantastic atmosphere!

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