Jack Williamson Post Rally Report – Otago 2019 Rally
Photo credit: Dee Byrne

Jack Williamson Post Rally Report – Otago 2019 Rally

On the Monday night before we set off for Otago my hair was standing on end (more than usual) as I watched my Subaru R4 launch itself off the trailer and run backwards down the hill before catching itself in the first fence it came to.  Ironically it had just come back from having its decal refreshed.  Rally cars have a habit of rolling away and Dad usually does very well but this time it got away on him!!  If you are no longer a fast runner, you need to be a good fencer!

After building a new engine for the Subaru over the summer and installing the latest Motec technology – an M150 – our team was delighted to be placed 11th overall and win the Otago Allcomers Rally.   We enjoyed significant savings in fuel consumption and Motec’s ability to just quietly get on and manage the car enabled me to completely focus on the driving.

Small crests, more crests and big crests is what it is all about at Otago. We committed to them all and loved every minute of it!  The first two stages on Saturday morning were great but we encountered brake issues on the longer stages and had to ease off.  This was due to a brake bias part not arriving in time from Japan, leaving me no option but to do a work around brake solution.

We dealt with the issue to some extent during our final service on Saturday night and were determined to make up our lost time on Sunday …  and we did.  The only scratch we sustained was the one Dad did before the Rally!

Our service crew were AAA+ –  Glenn, Justin and Tom, along with Steve were absolutely on it and Libby kept the drivers fuelled up on all sorts of great little snacks.

Got to say it Norman Oakley – you are a legend!  Big THANKS to you and your team for putting on another outstanding rally.

This was certainly a great start to our 2019 season and we are looking forward to competing in all six rounds with Whangarei just around the corner –  we’re pumped and ready.

The prize giving was one of the funniest I have attended with Mads Østberg entertaining everyone without even trying.  Our service truck rolled out of town with an extra 77 kilos on board – winning my weight in Speights!!  This will keep the boys happy in Whangarei.

Great job Mum on the pace notes – you promised Graeme Minty Mead you would go on his radio sports programme when we made the podium – looks like you it’s time for your interview!!

Big thanks to our sponsors, Williamson Design and Engineering Ltd and Handy Rentals Hamilton.


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