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Kiwi rally drivers immortalised in Rally Dirt Codemasters Game

It never ceases to amaze me where my photography and love of rallying takes me, and the things it gets me involved with.

The latest request came in a couple of weeks ago from Auckland based Jono Phipps, who was requesting some high resolution photos of Hayden Paddon’s BDA Escort from Rally Otago.  He was after some good clear photos so he could re-create them for players of Rally Dirt to download and use in the game created by Codemasters.   I was quite excited by the thought of helping and being part of such a cool game franchise.  Unfortunately for me, Jono was able to get the info he was looking for without my help.

I was a little disappointed, but left him with the offer if I could help any further, he could get in touch.  Well, within a few days Jono was working on another car for the Codemasters game.  This time it was Richard and Sara Mason’s Subaru R4 BNT Mason Motorsport, and in particular, the livery from Whangarei 2014 he was after.

After going through endless photos of the car from that event, we were able to tie down the missing parts of the livery.

I didn’t expect to hear anything else after this until the game was in full release.  However, Jono has sent me a few shots of what he’s been doing so I thought I would share them here as I reckon they look awesome!

What do you think?

Great work Jono, and thanks for sharing with us.






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  1. Ths game s awesome fun!

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