Leon Styles enters 2019 NZRC with new co-driver
Photo credit: Jason Byrne

Leon Styles enters 2019 NZRC with new co-driver

With the upcoming 2019 NZRC season fast approaching, Leon Styles from Tauranga will be starting the season with a new navigator.

Marty Stevenson having moved to the Tauranga area just over two years ago is looking forward to an exciting sideways season sitting next to Leon.

Marty originally from Nelson, is well known to the local South Island rally scene, having sat beside Paul Nicol in his EVO 4 for the first Rally Extreme Championship in which he won the Co-Drivers Championship, he then backed this up a few years’ latter sitting next to Jeff Judd in his Subaru Impreza.

Leon and Marty are looking forward to the ahead in the BOP Retaining sponsored EVO 9 and facing the challenges it brings head on and a little sideways.

Not only will Leon and Marty be out to compete and have fun along the way, a big focus for the pair will be to promote the work Leon does with Suicide Awareness through “Suicide is not painless, lets talk about it”

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