Magazine available now - find out how and where to buy

Magazine available now – find out how and where to buy

Lots of people have been asking me “how do I buy a copy?”

At present there are two ways to buy the magazine

  1. Direct from the website – You will be able to buy the current copy, or a subscription for the year (4 copies total, one approx. every 3 months)
    There are prices for subscriptions to NZ, Australia and Europe.  So far the magazine has been ordered from NZ, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland and Estonia!
    Click HERE  to be taken to the store to complete your purchase
  2. You can buy individual copies from selected Paper Plus stores – the current list of stores can be found HERE.  A lot of you have asked why is it not in every Paper Plus store, and why is it not in other bookstores etc.  At this stage, I’m an independent publisher, and am doing everything myself with a LOT of help from family.  We have negotiated with Paper Plus to stock at Head Office level, but it is up to the individual store owners to place the orders.  Some have jumped at the chance to stock it, others are waiting to see how well it goes.  One store has already put in a second order which is encouraging in week one!Other stores have started to stock due to Social Media Pressure from you, so thank you to everyone who has done that.  Lastly, you can walk into any of the Paper Plus stores and ask them to stock it.  They should all know how to get hold of us and we will arrange it.  The more of you that ask, the better chance of it being stocked more widely, but only if it’s followed up with some sales etc.

We will continue to negotiate with as many retailers as we can to make this magazine as available as possible for you.

If you’re a retailer wanting to stock this magazine, please email :

If you’re keen to advertise, please email me :

Thank you for all your support



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