Meet the Driver – Shane Wright

Shane WrightName: Shane Wright
Age: 30
Motorsport class: Clubsport
Motorsport Club: Motorsport Bay of Plenty (MBOP)
Current rally car: R32 Nissan Skyline

At what age were you when you first got involved in motorsport?
I was brought up with motorsport and rallying all around me because Dad was first involved when I was little. We built the Skyline when I was 23 and this is when I got started in the sport.

Who was your biggest influence in rallying when growing up?
I probably have best memories of Possum in the Legacy’s when he was going international. That and Dad’s RX-3 rally car.

What was your very first rally car?
The Skyline. – its the only car rally car I’ve owned but it is a great fun car to drive and different to everything else out there.

What is the ultimate special stage / rally for you?
Waitangi Road hilclimb in Gisborne. Great series of corners and fast at the top with some big cuts.

What is your rally highlight to date?
3rd 2 wheel drive in the National Hillclimb champs a couple of years ago, Was great to race against some different cars and guys from the South Island in the finals.

What vehicle format would you recommend for young drivers entering motorsport. Front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive and why?
If you have aspirations to get on the National or International scene, start with FWD. Seems the progression to modern FIA classes or 4WD is more natural then.

For me, it is about fun and enjoying what I do, so I can’t go past a good RWD powerslide!

What advice could you give an up-and-coming driver looking for sponsorship?
Get a good job and use your pay cheque. Work on your driving and do as many events as you can manage. Once you are out there doing well at your level you will then be able to start having conversations with potential sponsors, they are hard to come by though.

In your opinion who was the best rally driver of all time and why?
For me it’s not about World Championships, but crowd favourite and style points. Ari Vatanen and Colin McRae. Something about those guys arriving at control with half the stages scenery hanging off what’s left of the car.

Other than rally what other things / work are you involved in?
I’m a Draughtsman and I manage the Draughting and Quantity Surveying for a group home builder.

What do you like to do to relax when not rallying?
Tripping around NZ in my ’66 Holden.

What’s your goal for 2014?
Simple, to keep having fun and racing.

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