Photo credit : Paul Byrne

Merry Christmas


Photo credit : Paul Byrne
Photo credit : Paul Byrne

Well it’s that time of year again.  The events have all come to an end, and I’m feeling a little lost already.  It’s looking a lot like I’m going to have to catch up on all those jobs around the house I should have been all doing at weekends rather than going rallying!

So rather than start any of those horrible jobs, I thought I’d sit down and have a look at my website and see how I can improve it.  Below are a few things that I tried in 2013 and my comments on them, but what I REALLY want is to hear from you and what you would like to see on the site!

Item What happened / what I think
Forum It was put up to try and create a place to chat online etc, but Facebook appears to be the preferred place, so I removed it due to lack of use.
For Sale Not sure it’s worth doing this unless it’s something everyone wants. I know TradeMe is the one stop shop, but this is FREE and hopefully targeting the correct market.
Events Calendar This has been taken off now since all the events have expired.  I don’t plan to put it back as clubs / event organisers didn’t submit stuff, and those who did, forgot it was listed, and then when changes were made, it left my calendar incorrect.I introduced the calendar after doing the survey on my site, where lots of people wanted to know what events were on outside their own area in case they wanted to try something new.Happy to re-introduce it if enough people want to send in events to be listed.
Meet the Driver This appeared to be popular at the start but appears to have not been popular so I didn’t waste too much time keeping it going. I personally would love to see this running as it gives fans / supporters a chance to know a little about a driver.  I have approached a few drivers but never heard back from them.If you’d like to be part of this and don’t mind answering a few questions etc, please get in touch ASAP and I will make it happen.
Projects I would love to see this section grow and let people show case projects they have on the go in their sheds.  I got so many requests to try and feature a couple of the builds that happened this year, but I struggled to get the drivers to respond.If you have a project on the go, about to start, I would love to give you a page to share your experiences and photos.  How about a completed project that you want to share?  Either way, I need to hear from you. 

I only have a limited amount of time to run the site with, so I don’t really want to waste time on items which no-one wants or uses.  I’m open to all any suggestions / ideas for what the site might have in 2014.  Please let me know ASAP as I plan to launch the site again early in the New Year (or sooner if I can)

Thank you all heaps for your ongoing support this year.  2013 has been a very cool year for A Little Bit Sideways, and plans for 2014 are already looking interesting.

I’d like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year





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  1. Hi Jase,

    This is a great website, keep the meet the drivers…..or others….do a bit on Mal Clunie ass chief timing marshal……do a piece about running a rally or an event (ask linda to write this one…….Keep the meet the drivers, and projects. keep the for sale section the calander was good maybe just list xtreme and NZRC and MBOP car club stuff

    have fun, get the jobs done around the house…………….Like me, tell Dee you need a bigger fridge for the list of jobs…………..


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