Merry Christmas

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support this year.  This site has only been running for the last 6 months and is well supported already, especially on Facebook.   One thing I didn’t expect was for drivers to ask to buy some of the photos that I took, which was a really nice surprise.  Every sale was a little help towards the cost of running this site and getting myself to some of the events, so thank you to everyone who bought an image this year, I really appreciated it.

I have a number of bumper / roll bar decals to give away.  They’re approx 800mm wide by 40/50mm tall.  Some are white and some are black.  If you’d like one for your car, just email me at with an address where you’d like it sent, and I’ll get on to it right after Christmas.




I always planned for this site to be more interactive, so please feel free to join in and comment at on any of the posts, or send in a write up and i’ll publish it for you.

When you’re replaying to a post, the site asks for an email address.  I don’t do anything with this address, but the site uses it so if someone replies to your post / comment the site sends you an email to let you know.  That’s all it does.  I don’t pass your details to anyone else, and I wont be spamming your inbox.  You can sign up to get an email from the site every time there is a new article to read  by clicking on the FOLLOW button toward the bottom right of the screen and filling in the information.

If you or you club have an event coming up and want to list it, please send me the details, and I’ll get it listed here.  I plan to have a few more things happening on the site in 2013, and hope to encourage a few more of to join in.

I going to try and get to as many events as possible in 2013 with the camera, but I’m planning on competing in a few more too.  I’ve met and become mates with some really cool people this year and hope to meet more of you at future events in the coming year.

I thought I’d end the year with a selection of some of my favourite images from the last year.   Some of them aren’t the best image, but just one I liked.  Hard to choose as I took 1000’s !! I’m looking forward to shooting 1000’s more in 2013.

Have yourselves a great Christmas and an awesome New Year




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