‘My First Year in a Rally Car’ – Rally Documentary in the making

It was Whangarei 2013 when I first met C.Rally. Chris and Lauren came and introduced themselves to Paul and I as we parked up at the Special Stage in the town. If I remember rightly, they quite liked my logo which is on the side of the car, which started up the conversation.

Since then, we’ve bumped into each other at several events around New Zealand, and had a chance to talk more (I’ve even taken him for a quick ride on the gravel in my Escort). It’s quite clear Chris had a real passion for rallying and was keen to share this with everyone. His motives are very similar to mine, as we’re both very keen / driven to record rallying in New Zealand, and to showcase the best we have. I use photographs/words, and Chris’s strength is his video filming. I’m sure some of you have already come across Chris’s cool video’s on YouTube.

This year, he’s planning on jumping into the “silly seat” with Ben Brown from KSL Motorsport in a Mitsubishi Evo III. ‘My First Year in a Rally Car’ rally documentary will follow the highs and lows of a new co-driver’s first season rallying.

He will be filming their exploits throughout the year in a form of a documentary, broken down into 4 or 5 episodes that will be released during the year. It will also include guest interviews as well as rally footage. I for one, am really looking forward to seeing them.

I believe Episode 1 is well under way, and Chris is hoping to release it before the VINZ International Rally of Whangarei next month (11th-13th April).

Keep up to date with Chris and Ben’s whereabouts and the documentary’s progress at www.crally.org, following @CRallyMedia on Twitter and liking C.Rally on Facebook – If you wonder into a stage to watch give them a cheer as they come past – You wont be able to miss them in their BRIGHT Orange and Yellow Evo!!! 😉

I hope Ben and Chris have an amazing time throughout the year, and no doubt I’ll be seeing them in the stages / service areas with my camera!



Ben and Chris testing at Tect Park
Ben and Chris testing at Tect Park

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