NZRC Fantasy Rally League – Round 1 Results

Round 1 – Rally Whangarei

What a rally this was, with plenty of drama throughout! The high rate of attrition has made for some unexpected results.

A special note regarding Category 4 Due to the way the program calculates the scores, it requires a minimum of 3 finishers in each category.

This makes it tough in Category 4 as there are only 4 entries (Tony Gosling will be joining next round).

So if two or more retire, I need to choose who would have placed where based on times set prior to retirement, along with the number of stages completed. I can’t think of another way of doing it.

I have loaded the following results:

  Category 1 Category 4 Category 5
1st Ken Block Marcus van Klink Kingsley Jones
2nd Ben Hunt Andy Martin Tyler Radovan
3rd Matt Summerfield Brian Stokes Justin Glavish
  Results Results Results

Each category runs as its own rally and calculates the scores automatically based on your choices.

To find an overall winner (the person who scores highest in all categories), I will need to manually add all the scores together.  I will display in a table separately over the coming days.

Thanks to all of you that did take part in Round 1, and for those who didn’t, it’s not too late to sign up and have a go as there are still 5 rounds to score points in, and lots of things could happen.

Prior to this all starting I mentioned that there would be some random spot prizes throughout the season. Today’s spot prize is going to go to timoextremo for managing to score well in all 3 categories. Send me an email with your postal details to claim your prize.

Watch out for the next spot prize which could be just for entering a round, or if you’re spotted sharing a post about the Fantasy League in Social Media.

Good luck picking your drivers for Otago, which is not that far away now.



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  1. Cheers for the spot prize, perfect for my garage 🙂

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