NZRC Fantasy Rally League

I’m running a Fantasy Rally League for this year’s NZRC as a bit of fun. The idea being you select your Top 3 drivers and try and place them in the order you think they will finish.

In case some of you have missed this I thought I’d better post something before its too late in the season.  You still have a chance if you start now.   You can alter your prediction at any time if a driver withdraws, or you change your mind right up until the closing date and time (shown on the page where you make your selections)  

You will need to register to this site to take part. The reason for that is I’m trying to stop spammers automatically selecting drivers and messing up the whole system. You can register on the right hand side of the site towards the top.

register and logo screen

It does require you enter an email address. I don’t use these email addresses for anything other than information from this site. It will send you an email when I have posted a new item to the site, and it will send you reminders for the fantasy rally.

To enter you prediction click here

To see what predictions have been made, or to see how the league is shaping up, click on the drop down arrow shown below and find the appropriate link.


Please make sure you are looking at the correct Rally Series as several drivers are signed up to more than one series.  At this stage I’m running this for NZRC and Rally Xtreme, but with any luck next year I might be able to add others like Mainland Rally, NRSS etc.  I would love to add classes too but I need some help from a IT whizz to be able do that.

This is only a bit of fun, but who knows I may be able to sort out some prizes for the end of the year.

Have fun

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