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Attending Wales Rally GB was not something I had planned for. Events I explained in my previous blog meant I was now at the rally travelling on a budget comparable to the fume remnants of a dry oily rag.

I caught the bus to Queensferry, about as close as local buses go to the WRC service park in the Deeside Industrial Park. I had decided to walk along the roads to the service park. Oh how wrong I was, it turns out the roads twisted and turned and did not follow anything even close to a straight line. Furthermore it turns out there are 4 zones to the industrial park, it covers a huge area. I saw a few rally vehicles (recce and transporters) and headed straight in. Error #1, it was just a storage area and took me away from my desired destination. I had arrived in zone 1.

Fortunately for me a kind person gave me a lift up to zone 3 where the Service Park actually was, I thank you so much Kind stranger! It was a little wet…

So after walking around service park a little bit and getting to grips with the layout, I then decided to walk back to the bus stop in Queensferry. Error #2. Turns out it was an hours walk. That will teach me for being so unorganised!

Headed back into Chester for the evening and had to plan for Friday.



Today has been MUCH better.

I stayed on the bus a little bit longer, then thanks to some local advice I walked along the cycle pathways to service park. Compared to the previous hours walk today was about 30 minutes walk. It was such a nice walk, even if my feet were dead from my new walking shoes!!

When I got to the service park I met up with two of the most amazing friends, and we have hatched a plan to get out to watch rally cars on stages for Saturday. So excited !!! I will share more in my next blog.

Walked around the service park aimlessly for a couple of hours looking at bits and pieces, even watching Sweet Lamb special stage on the massive screen they had up.

In the evening (it got dark at 4pm !!!!!) all the cars started to roll in. Lots of media all over the place at control for when Ogier and the other superstars came in.  I was lucky to be able to see anything there.

After this they had the FIA press conferences which I went to watch, very cool to see it broadcasting on the screen and seeing it right in front of me. Quite surreal really !

When all of this had died down I went into Hyundai HQ (which really is a pop-up mansion) and caught up with Hayden and his partner Katie. They are two of the most genuine people you will meet! I really hope tomorrow goes well for Hayden & John after todays power steering problems.

After being in the Service Park for a few hours I caught a ride with my friends back to the bus stop, and came home to write this post.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow. It is going to be amazing!

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