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Rally Gisborne – NZRC Fantasy Rally League

The NZRC Fantasy Rally League has been updated to reflect the results from Rally Gisborne.

Category 1
1. Ben Hunt
2. Lance Williams
3. Andrew Hawkeswood

Category 2
1. Marcus van Klink
2. Brian Stokes
3. Andy Martin

Category 5
I have an apology to Regan Ross as I unfortunately missed that he had signed up to the NZRC Cat 5 for Gisborne.  As a result no-one was able to pick Regan and he went on to get 2nd in the Fantasy League.  As a result I’ve had to promote 3rd and 4th.  Sorry Regan!
1. Kingsley Jones
2. Daniel Walker
3. Hugh Spence

Overall league table will be fully updated later today.



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