Rallycross arrives in New Zealand!

There’s an exciting new event coming  on 27 February 2016 as Rallycross finally arrives in New Zealand with the Teng Tools NZ International Rallycross.

Promoter, Ron Dixon, has been working flat out behind the scenes to make sure this event kicks off with a bang.  Teng Tools were secured as a major sponsor only this week.  As many of you that follow Rallycross will know, Teng Tools are heavily involved in and support current FIA Rally Champion Petter Solberg.  There is a rumour that Solberg may be making an appearance at this event!

For those of you who are not so familiar with the sport, cars race in heats made up of approximately 6 cars lining up side by side.  These cars battle it out around the course over changing surfaces and jumps for 6 laps.  After several heats, the cars are whittled down to the fastest, and race in the final.

This event in February is to introduce this format into New Zealand, and is not just for the elite.

All levels of Motorsport will be represented, from some of the current New Zealand Rally Championship drivers, through to the Honda 2k Cup cars, and everything in-between.  There is also going to be a section to cater for the ORNZ vehicles, and with any luck reigning UAV Champion Ben Thomasen will be competing not only in his championship Polaris, but rumour has it that his rally car may make an appearance after a 2 year break from it.

At this stage it’s believed Andrew Hawkeswood will make an appearance in his cool (new) Mazda 2.  Greg Murphy has mentioned he will be competing, and there will also be the possibility of seeing the likes of Ken Smith and Neil Allport.

It’s certainly shaping up to be an awesome event, with something for everyone.

If you fancy having a go, click the button to be taken to the Regulations and Entry Forms.

Regs & Entry Forms

For family and friends who want to come and spectate, the tickets are reasonably priced and can be purchased here.
Watch this space for more updates and announcements!

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