Rallying’s 50th Anniversary Tours

Hello Rally People,

A while back you may have heard of plans to celebrate New Zealand Rallying’s 50th in 2017, by means of an anniversary tour.  It is time to update you all on our progress.

Since the beginning of the year we have had three meetings and the experienced plotters in our group have come up with a couple of suggestions for tours in the North Island, and one for the South.

We have decided to run the tours a few weeks apart in each Island  to coincide with the major events based in Whangarei and Otago.

The North Island tour will start in Wellington and make its’ way north, and the South Island tour will begin in Picton or Blenheim and go south from there.

As you will see in the attached Expression of interest form , we intend to make taking part as easy as possible by offering the opportunity to do just one day, or several, or all.

Since the inception of our plan, we have spoken to a few people in the sport and the enthusiasm shown is quite staggering. We know we have to convert this enthusiasm into numbers over the next couple of years, but our gut feeling is we will not be short of participants.

Download the Expression of Interest form using button below, please print this off, complete , scan it and wither post or e-mail it back to nzrally50@gmail.com or see us on the NZ Rallying History facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/793190637378550/

Many thanks and looking forward to your interest and participation.

Rod Peat

Organising Chairman
Rallying’s 50th Anniversary Tours

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