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Shapley and Anstis chasing Championship runner up spot

Whakatane Rally Driver Jono Shapley and Auckland based co driver Kieran Anstis are fired up and ready to Challenge for second place in the Cat 5 New Zealand Rally Championship at the Final Round Rally Coromandel on the 20th of August,

After Two Mechanical DNF’s this year the Rallylife Motorsport Crew lost their championship lead and now sit third in the championship standings going into the final round, The Rallylife duo will be pushing hard at next month’s Rally Coromandel to improve on their current third place standing.

“Ultimately I would have loved to have finished the past two rounds and be in a better position for the championship but we all know rally can throw curve balls so you learn to find the positives and improve on those areas and continue moving on.

Rallylife has made some positive improvements over the season, improving their pace each event. One of the big Improvements for the team is the addition of a new evo 9 turbo and tune for their older Pink Plumbing Shop Evo.

“The Power comes on so much quicker and is lasting for long meaning I can commit to corners a little more knowing I can get forward momentum a lot sooner”

Another Area the team has developed is in the Partnership Between Jono and co driver Kieran Anstis. The pair now have 6 events under their belts and are working well together.

“It has been great sitting beside Jono this year, we have developed a really strong pace note system and we are improving and learning a little bit more every event, we have a great friendship outside of the car. I think that has been a key part of our progress.

With the championship nearly over for the year the team is already underway with plans for next year.

“Overall all I’m really happy with how this year has gone and the improvements that we have made, Rallylife will be competing in the New Zealand Rally Championship again next year, but in what car and category is still in planning. Exciting times ahead.”

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