Silver Fern Rally 2012

The next event we’ll be covering will be the Silver Fern. We’re very lucky this year as it’s running through Tauranga on Sunday November 11th. Being someone with a little bit of a Ford Escort problem, I’m pretty excited to see 20+ Escorts in the line up. It’s also great to see a friend of mine (Andrew Shrimpton) entered in the Frond section this year in his Mk2 Escort. I’m really excited as Andrew will be sporting our website on his car – Thanks heaps for doing that Andrew – be great to get some more exposure for the site.

Dee and I will be marshaling at the mid point of SS8 on Day 1. Unfortunately I have to then work the rest of the week so will miss out on the rest of the event. We will be looking to video / photograph what we can from our marshal point as best we can. We will get our photo / videos up as soon as we can after next Sunday.

Luckily another mate of ours, Steve Russell ( ), will be following the rally all week so hopefully he will get lots of cool photos and videos. I’ll make sure I get the link from Steve when they’re available.

This should be a great event, and I recommend you make the effort to go and see at least one stage. The stages and route maps are available at  and daily results / live times should be available at

Dee and I would like to wish all competitors the best of luck, especially Andrew Shrimpton (we’re allowed to be biased!) Hope you have a ball Andrew, and get some epic footage on the GoPro especially from the Mighty Motu!



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