Smoothline to supply Stage Notes for Targa NZ

Smoothline to supply Stage Notes for Targa NZ

It was announced recently that Targa New Zealand’s stable of events have freed up their regulations for 2020 allowing competitors to use Stage Notes for the first time.

With the first event of the season, Targa Bambina, only weeks away, Australian-based Stage Note suppliers Smoothline have journeyed across the Tasman and prepared Notes for the 300km-long Hamilton-based course.  Operated by multiple Targa Tasmania winners Steve Glenney and Bernie Webb, Smoothline notes are a mainstay of Australian rallying and their decision to cover the NZ-based events will surely open the door for more cross-Tasman competitor traffic.

In Australia, Smoothline are renowned for their dedication to assisting new competitors and those who haven’t used notes previously.  Their focus on delivering accurate and consistent notes that are easy to understand see them chosen by most Australian tarmac rally teams.  As part of their commitment to supporting Targa New Zealand’s new direction, Smoothline’s Bernie Webb will be in Hamilton for Targa Bambina, on hand to help competitors.

Bernie was recently quoted as saying “To my mind one of the key safety aspects in rallying is knowing what’s around the next bend”, going on to say “Don’t get me wrong, we’ve used notes to help go fast fairly effectively, but used well it’s the safe speed you’re accessing.  Knowing when not to go fast is just as important as knowing when it’s safe to”.

Smoothline notes are not new to the NZ rally fraternity.  A number of NZ-based teams have used Smoothline when entering Australian events.

Well known New Zealand Rally identity Fleur Pedersen has given her thoughts on the first time she used Smoothline notes:

“Brian and I used Smoothline Notes for the first time for Targa Tasmania 2015. With limited time for reconnaissance, we opted to buy these notes and make only one pass of the stages.”

“We were very impressed with the consistency in the notes and how accurately they described the road, corners, where the car should be placed on the road – which is particularly important over crests! “

“As a codriver, I have been particularly impressed with how approachable Smoothline are when I have any queries regarding the notes. I am also impressed with how consistently and accurately Smoothline Notes describe the road ahead.  Brian and I look forward to using Smoothline Notes this year.”

A full transcript of Fleur’s testimonial is at

Targa NZ regular, Keith “KC” Callinan has also gone on camera to give his thoughts on Smoothline notes.  Watch KC’s 1 minute video:

As part of their mission to help competitors new to Notes, the Smoothline team have prepared sample notes for roads near several of New Zealand’s major centres.  Samples are available for:

  • Auckland (Ramarama)
  • Wellington (Paekakariki Hill Rd)
  • Christchurch (Gebbies Pass)
  • Dunedin (Highcliff Rd)

Download a free sample now from

Keen to get your hands on a sample, order notes for Targa Bambina or just ask a question?  Head to and you’ll find everything you need in one place!

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