Tauranga Clubman’s Rally – July 21st


For those of you that aren’t aware, Motorsport BOP are running a rally in Tauranga on Sunday July 21st specifically aimed at clubman level to allow drivers and co-drivers to get some much needed stage kms and experience of what a full-blown rally would be like.

If you’re a clubman competitor and would like to have a go at a rally, click here and get your entry in ASAP as spaces are filling quickly. As it’s a clubman’s rally, there are only 50 places allowed, and I know 30 have gone already at the time of writing this (I have spoken to some other drivers who are entering, so spaces will disappear quicker than you think).  Come and have some fun.

There are 78kms of competitive stage and 47kms of touring. Stage Notes are not allowed for this event. Please make sure you read ALL the regs, and know what you and your car need to have, as it’s a little different to club events.

This will be my first ever rally and I’m stressing a little right now as I’m somewhat unprepared! (OK I’m stressing a lot!!) As usual, I’ve been so busy recently tearing around the countryside taking photos of rallies and then spending days processing them and writing articles, working full time and keeping the family happy, that I’ve left no time to sort myself or the car out.  At least my entry is already in!!

My Escort waiting for the colour
My Escort waiting for the colour

As some of you might know already know, I’m in the process of changing the colour of the Escort. I should have waited until after the rally but didn’t. The car is currently sat in a paint booth in primer waiting for some paint. It’ll be painted tomorrow (all being well) and then left to dry properly for a couple of days.

Once the car is back with me, there is still heaps to do and NO time to do it in. I can see the weekend of the rally being very stressful with an all nighter likely on the Friday night to have it all ready for scrutineering Saturday afternoon. I really need to make the start as my wife has made some huge sacrifices for me so I can go rallying!

On top of this I’ve had to apply for my R1 licence, which entailed sitting a test for. I’d been putting it off for as long as possible as I’d had no time to read up on it. Good news is I took the test and passed last week and my application currently sits with Motorsport NZ who are now having to contact the UK before they can issue the licence (The joys of being a Pom!) and their Dr wants to talk to my Dr!  Having said that, the young lady I’ve been dealing with at Motorsport NZ has been awesome and doing her absolute best to get this sorted in time- thanks heaps

My co-driver is also new to rallying and is taking the test on Friday morning. I’m hoping like hell he can pass and get the paperwork all sorted in time. If not, I will be putting out a big request for a stand-in co-driver towards the end of next week.

Good luck to everyone who has entered. Go hard, have fun and get it sideways!!

See you all there




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