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The Big One – part 2 by Chris Alexander

[Click here for Part 1 of the report (inc video) for those who missed it]

I haven’t picked the car up yet, but these photos taken by Even yesterday after the car was recovered on Tuesday. They say the car looks bad and it is, but floor pan and basic structure is intact. I am picking it up on Saturday.

Dave Taylor from Gisborne recovery came and assessed the car on Sunday and looked at what gear was needed. He came up with a plan and was out on Tuesday at about 1pm. Alone with the help of the local farmer and a couple of hands the managed to get it out by lowering it down the bank a further 60m to a cattle track and using a bulldozer to take it up the road.

While its been at Hugh Spence’s workshop it looks like there’s been a flurry of activity with people coming to have a look at the unlucky Escort and the survival story of the occupants. Since I’ve been home I have had many calls and texts from people in the Rally community and beyond and thank them for their kind words and I’ve even had an offer of repairing the car!!

Many people to thank,  Steve Hayward my service guy, Steve Foster and the rally organisers, Rally safe, Team Galbraith(Karl hero), Lara and Murry(hero’s), the St Johns ambulance (more hero’s) Dave Taylor for recovery (car hero), Hugh Spence (rally guy with sympathy) for looking after the car and trailer, The local farmer Pete, his wife and his farm hands, Jason Bryne from alittlebitsideways for the event Photos. And many more.

I was watching some in car and unfortunately we ran out of battery for the front facing camera not long before the crash. But watching footage I really want to get back behind the wheel… The Rally bug has got me good!

I will be back in the Mk1 Cortina.



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