Michael McLean Motor Sport
Michael McLean Motor Sport

The competition before the real competition

Money, it’s the fuel of any hobby around the world, And in motorsport it can dictate a lot of outcomes from who’s, on the couch, on the race track and sometimes who’s on the podium. This is where for 90% of us “The Hunt for Sponsors” becomes the competition before the real competition.

You thought the racing was the hard part? Unfortunately that’s the easy part. The amount of competition is huge and always growing, motorsport alone in New Zealand has a huge range of disciplines and plenty of members in each, but let’s think of everything, the other sports, events, fundraisers, etc. And what do all of them need? Assistance for whatever the reason, to get started, to keep running, to have better equipment, or to keep them on top.

Now with all these people all wanting sponsorship in whatever way it’s required, be it product, discounts, or Cash. Companies or individuals are always being approached for sponsorship. Here is my current steps for getting my sponsorship program underway

1: To be different and grab potential sponsors attention using available resources like social media.
2. Build a following using social media.
3. Approach or be approached, Sales pitch what can I give them in return.
4: Confirm and deliver on deal.

Michael McLean Motor Sport
Michael McLean

So here I am, my name is Michael McLean I’m 21 years old and have a passion for rally. Like almost everyone that has a passion for anything, I want to compete as much as I can and to the best I can. Yes I fit in the 90% of us that if I want to make it possible I am going “on the Hunt for sponsorship”

Now Step 1, my friend Ezra McDonald and I have put together my video using go pro footage from events I have done (see below). The goal of this video is 1. Build a following and get people to share the video then like my face book page.  2. The possibility of finding a sponsor who is interested in the idea of being the rightful owner of the seat.

I am currently in the second step, building a following so if you would like to follow my progress or support me please head over to Michael McLean motor sport. Like my page and I would greatly appreciate if people could share my video around.

Where to for me. I am planning to move from sprints and hill climbs to competing in my first rally on the 3rd of October at the day breaker rally Wairarapa. I look forward to the event with a goal of clean driving and making the finish. If you are going to the event don’t hesitate to come up for a chat, always open for advice and suggestions.

Michael Mclean

For more information about the owner of the seat offer please contact me

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