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It was brought up several times in the survey I ran on the site that people wanted to have an events calendar available, so they could keep an eye on what was coming up, that may not be in their area.

There is already a very cool website (www.kiwimotoring.com) which lists just about every motoring event you can think of, well worth a look.  It also lists lots of the motoring clubs if you’re looking to join one.

I’ve decided to add an events calendar to my website, aimed at Clubsport events and Rallies and nothing else.  The calendar is on the right hand side of the site, and displays the next few events as a list, but you can click on it and go to the whole calendar and see everything that has been listed.

This is a very new section and doesn’t have much listed yet, but if you know of an event or you’re in a club and want your events listed, please send me the following information (have a look at the ones already listed to see how it works):

Name of Event
Photo if you want or have one.
Date and time of the event

Venue Name & Address
This is so I can link it to google maps for people to see where the venue is, so address info that Google can find would be awesome

Organizer (Club name)
Phone (optional)

Event Cost

Please contact me if you would would like any events listed (even if they are months and months away)




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