If you would like to share any photos or video on the site, or just want to get contact me please email me on or call me on 02102306894

Look forward to hearing from you.





  1. I like your website and hope to contribute photos to it in the future.

  2. Hi Jase, is it possible to purchace the pic’s of car 32, the Vauxhall Chevette, we dont get as much coverage at our end of the field.
    Regards, Charles Blows

  3. Hi there – I am after photos of car #40 from the recent Possum Bourne Memorial Rally. I see you have one up on your website (photo 77), do you have any others? I was co-driving in this car and trying to gather as many photos of the day as I can.
    Many thanks,

  4. Hi Jase,

    Hows it going?
    Just wondering if you got many pics of me at MacDougall Quarry Rd Hillclimb on 6/4/14? I was in the blue Starlet think was number 19 on the day?

  5. I’ve placed an order of a $54 subscription but I need an invoice or something with your bank a/c details before I can pay? Cheers, John Carter

  6. Graham Buchanan

    RallySafe has subscribed to ya mag. Look forward to the mag

  7. Hi Jason and Team
    Just read the latest mag (3) fan bloody tastic a credit to you all .

  8. Hi, please confirm how many issues are included in a one year sub – couldn’t find this info on the website. Thanks.

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